Heron 4000

The grain sampling system proposed by TOUT POUR LE GRAIN (TPLG) company of France, is based on the renowned HERON grain sampler design complying with the international sampling standard ISO 13690:1999. More than 2,500 clients have been using HERON grain samplers ever since 1977.
The model proposed is the latest, most efficient and compact development: core-sampling
HERON 4000.

In its standard design, HERON 4000 is suitable for automatic sampling of all kinds of cereals and similar material, through distances of up to 30 metres between the sampler and the lab. If the conveying distance between the sampler and the cyclone is greater than 30 m and smaller than 60 metres (or 120 m, depending on the design), then an additional vacuum turbine can be fitted.With a lock / relay station at the foot of the sampler, the samples can be sent through distances of up to 200 metres.

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