SPECIM Hyperspectral Imaging in Research

Hyperspectral imaging is today's technology to reveal the invisible, to generate an in depth understanding of phenomena and objects studied. The technology is used increasingly in many research areas, such as life sciences, vegetation research, forensics, food analysis, and mineral research. In each application area the hyperspectral scanner is used to to identify, measure and map the biological, chemical and physical properties of the objects depicted. 

Specim technology provides extreme reliability and performance. Measurements can be accurately performed hundreds of times faster than with the competing technologies.

Hyperspectral imaging - how does it work

Hyperspectral imaging measures, for each pixel in the image, the reflection, emission and absorption of electromagnetic radiation. It provides a unique spectral signature for every pixel, which can be used by processing techniques to identify and discriminate materials.

SPECIM hyperspectral scanners are complete solutions for research applications. Within seconds they are able to visualize the biological, chemical, and physical properties of the samples and objects studied, whether an artifact or a living organism. We have seen customer imaging applications ranging from cancer detection to chemical imaging and real-time mapping of sun induced photosynthesis.

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