Standards-compliant – flexible – web-based: Brabender Farinograph-TS

csm csm wm vn Farinograph TS

Intended use

The Farinograph-TS rheometer provides you with a reliable, reproducible picture of the water absorption and kneading properties of flours, in consideration of international standards.


  • Innovative web-based MetaBridge software
  • More compact housing form
  • Continuous speed control from 0-200rpm
  • Measurement range of up to 20 Nm
  • Plug & play: immediately ready for use
  • Available with optional touch screen
  • Multi-access: simultaneous access from multiple terminal devices

The established flour analysis solution in compact design and with innovative software

The new Farinograph-TS distinguishes itself with its easy operation, reliability, reproducibility of results and compact design. The MetaBridge software provides you with device-independent access as well as countless possibilities for customising your tests.

  • Cereals
  • Flour
  • Starch
  • Gluten
  • Pasta products
  • Dough

In a temperature-controlled measuring kneader, a rotating Sigma kneading blade subjects the sample to defined mechanical stress. The kneading resistance having an effect on the blades, which depends on the sample’s viscosity, is measured as a torque value by the highly precise measurement electronics. The software then registers and records this online as a function of time, in a clear to understand coloured chart.

  • Sigma mixer S 10 (10 g)
  • Sigma mixer S 50 (50 g)
  • Sigma mixer S 300 (300 g)

The device software can be used on any operating system or terminal type. You can simultaneously track the measurements from as many end devices as you wish. Similarly, any number of users can also access individual projects. Simply record your measurement results. Afterwards, you have a number of convenient options for analysing, printing and exporting them.

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